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The 90-second bulk can cooling system

Ideal for BYOB festivals
Campers at your event can cool their cans while they wait!
In 90 seconds those icky warm tent beers will be ICE COOL!

Great for Brand Activations
Do you run branding for a drinks company? Do you want YOUR brand's customers to be the happiest campers at the festival? 

Why not hire a Turbochiller for the weekend and ensure your drinks brand is the coolest at the event?

Perfect for Can Bars
The Turbochiller offers so many advantages over a conventional bar setup

  • No need to hire display fridges or large storage coldrooms

  • no need to pre-cool drinks before the event

  • No need to load and unload bottle coolers during the event

  • Huge flexibility - cool as you go - offer a huge range of products

  • Easy setup means perfect for 'pop up' bars

  • Tiny footprint where space is a consideration

  • Zero waste - you're only cooling what you use

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